What is Spinal Mouse ® ?

Ce este Spinal Mouse ® ?

Spinal Mouse ® is a device that, combined with a computer program (PC), assesses the curvatures of the vertebral column without applying harmful radiation.

Spinal Mouse ® checks:

  • spine alignment, measuring segmental and global angles in the sagittal and frontal planes
  • posture and spinal mobility
  • spine functions and performance

Measurements are:

  • quickly and easily performed
  • accurate and reliable
  • harmless to the patient

The device is guided manually on the skin along the spine. There is a strong relationship between the surface line on which the measurement is performed and midline of the spine in terms of alignment, range of motion, function and performance of its functions. The measuring head follows automatically its contour in the sagittal and frontal plane and records clinically relevant data. A software program using a highly sophisticated algorithm uses this information to calculate the clinical parameters.

Compared with other existing methods, SpinalMouse ® offers many advantages in terms of accuracy, objectivity, reproductibility, data presentation, non-invasiveness, absence of harmful radiation, ease of use and excellent cost-benefit ratio.

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